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Everyone in the industry knows that employee turnover is a contact center’s most expensive problem.

Why it’s so expensive

It starts when an employee quits. Finding and training a replacement is just the beginning. It takes six months for the new employee to get his cost per call and CSAT scores in line. But he gets a full salary the whole time. Churn rates run at 40% in captured centers and between 70%-150% in domestic outsourcers. No wonder so many CEOs are telling us it’s a top three concern.

Lack of solutions

The best solution is good management, but that’s hard to keep up at scale in such a cost sensitive environment. Gamification is a start, but the focus on productivity games doesn’t really improve the employee experience. The best solutions will focus on the employees themselves.

How it works

Tenacity is a hands off solution for managers that lets them invest in their people by getting them to invest in each other. We use groundbreaking science from MIT that is proven to change human behavior. Using accountability relationships in the workplace, we help people effectively manage their stress and build stronger bonds with their coworkers. It improves their lives in ways that are proven to keep them in their jobs.


With Tenacity, employees can set self-improvement goals like getting fit or managing their stress better. These skills are good for them and good for their employers.

Call center employees get connected to each other


Each employee gets connected to colleagues that act as accountability partners, helping employees set and achieve goals. Most employees also get to be an accountability partner for someone else. This helps build and deepen relationships in the workplace, which are huge drivers of retention.

Tenacity passively tracks fitness in call center employees

Stress management

Employees also complete several short stress management exercises. Tenacity verifies if the exercise is completed and notifies the accountability partners.

Physical activity

Employees set fitness goals that are tailored to their fitness level. We track their performance and we inform their accountability partners when the employees reach their goals.

Tenacity uses Peer Rewards invented at MIT to incentivize behavior change


We motivate the accountability partners to encourage and coach their coworkers by rewarding them when their coworkers reach their goals. This creates a powerful social dynamic. The employee does not want to let his accountability partners down! This method has been proven to be far more effective than direct rewards or social games.


Tenacity is engaging for employees, requires little effort from managers and can be launched in multiple communities of various sizes. Managers get an aggregated dashboard to track the program's effectiveness and get insight into their workplace community.

Contact Centers

Anyone who runs a contact center or a call center knows that right now the best way to improve retention and productivity KPIs is the old fashioned way—recognition, mentoring, teambuilding, social events, and lots of consultants. It’s expensive and time consuming and ripe for replacement. Tenacity takes this off your managers’ plate.

We use a peer coaching method invented and proven at MIT to actually change employees’ behavior. We’ll get them exercising more, managing their stress better, and bonded to their coworkers. And that will go straight to your bottom line and your top line.

That’s why we are piloting with some of the nation’s leading companies and BPO firms to build case studies on the hard numbers and go to market. At this stage, we are only interested in working with innovative, early-adopter companies that have experience experimenting with cutting edge software.

Interested in a pilot?

I love how the Tenacity program is bringing my team together. We all enjoy sharing our success stories, and encouraging each other to reach our breathing and step goals. I am also excited to use my Amazon gift cards. Money is tight, and it's so thrilling to have some extra spending money to use. Most importantly, though, I love how good I feel after doing guided deep breathing, and working out in the [...] gym. I have more energy, my sleep has improved, and I'm eating healthier foods. This program has helped me make so many positives changes in my life!

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