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The facts are chilling.

The market for workforce optimization is full of diagnostic solutions. But in the end, it's up to managers to create programs that improve employee productivity and retention.


Many industries suffer from turnover in the 30-80% range. The costs of finding and training a new employee can be as high as 70% of their salary. Some industries have it the worst, including call centers, retail, and hospitality.


Preventable medical conditions cost US businesses $340 billion each year. This is about $70 billion more than these businesses pay in corporate taxes.

Lack of solutions

Current productivity solutions focus on optimizing processes at the expense of employee experience. Retention programs rely heavily on individual managers' ability to engage their team. Current solutions are manual, non-scalable and time-consuming.

How it works

Tenacity is a workforce optimization tool. It’s the first of its kind, because it is about health for the workers, but for management, it is about retention and productivity KPIs. We use MIT science to hack human instinct and change a couple of key behaviors that will save employers millions. We get employees to exercise a little more, manage their stress a little better, and build relationships at work, using a system that is up to 7x as effective as rewards, and way more powerful than social games. And the research shows that this will make all the difference when it comes to productivity and retention.


With Tenacity, employees can set self-improvement goals like getting fit or managing their stress better. These skills are good for them and good for their employers.

Call center employees get connected to each other


Each employee gets connected to colleagues that act as accountability partners, helping employees set and achieve goals. Most employees also get to be an accountability partner for someone else. This helps build and deepen relationships in the workplace, which are huge drivers of retention.

Tenacity passively tracks fitness in call center employees

Physical activity

Employees set fitness goals that are tailored to their fitness level. We track their performance and we inform their accountability partners when the employees reach their goals.

Stress management

Employees also complete several short stress management exercises. Tenacity verifies if the exercise is completed and notifies the accountability partners.

Tenacity uses Peer Rewards invented at MIT to incentivize behavior change


We motivate the accountability partners to encourage and coach their coworkers by rewarding them when their coworkers reach their goals. This creates a powerful social dynamic. The employee does not want to let his accountability partners down! This method has been proven to be far more effective than direct rewards or social games.


Tenacity is engaging for employees, requires little effort from managers and can be launched in multiple communities of various sizes. Managers get an aggregated dashboard to track the program's effectiveness and get insight into their workplace community.

Call Centers

Anyone who runs a call center knows that right now the best way to improve retention and productivity KPIs is the old fashioned way—recognition, mentoring, teambuilding, social events, and lots of consultants. It’s expensive and time consuming and ripe for replacement. Tenacity takes this off your managers’ plate.

We use a peer coaching method invented and proven at MIT to actually change employees’ behavior. We’ll get them exercising more, managing their stress better, and bonded to their coworkers. And that will go straight to your bottom line and your top line.

That’s why we are piloting with some of the nation’s leading companies and BPO firms to build case studies on the hard numbers and go to market. At this stage, we are only interested in working with innovative, early-adopter companies that have experience experimenting with cutting edge software.

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